Save Our Sons


Welcome to the “Save Our Sons” Organization, one of many programs
established by the Daurham Corporation to help increase the overall
prosperity of individuals, communities, corporations and organizations
across the world.

The “Save Our Sons” Organization was founded and established by Mr.
Ernest Daurham, Jr., the President and CEO of the Daurham
Corporation, a 39 year old hair care products manufacturing company.
Mr. Daurham was one of the Founding Fathers of the “Jeri Curl”, with

his brand being known as the “Leisure Curl”, and he’s also the creator
of It’s A Miracle African Oils, Dr. Daurham’s Extreme Growth
Formula, Dry Shampoo, and Volumizing and Conditioning Shampoo.
The “Save Our Sons” Organization was founded as another avenue
through which he could share his particular knowledge, skills and
abundance with the World. Daurham Corporation is devoted to the following:
Providing free Trade School Education, such as Truck Driving, Auto
Repair, Computer Programming and Repair, Electrician Training,
Carpentry, CNA, Plumbing, Barbering, Cosmetology, Manicuring,
Massage Therapy, etc.. Education that help improve the quality of life,
increase self realization, self awareness, knowledge, and abundance on
individual, community and global levels.
Your Sponsorship will benefit greatly from your taking a moment to
review the Save Our Sons Program, as it is a simple and hugely
lucrative way to assist our youth, by getting them off the streets, and out
of those high crime neighborhoods, that are infested with drugs, gangs,
illiteracy, poverty, incarceration and crime. No matter what the current
financial status of your sponsored child’s household, this Program can
help them tremendously, with minimal participation on your part. Just
imagine, if you have 500 participating people in your church or
organization who will commit to purchasing at least one 16oz bottle of
our Salon Quality Hair Care Products each month for $30.00 per bottle,
Daurham Corporation will donate 50%, or $7,500.00 for that month,
totaling $90,000.00 for the entire year of all sales to provide housing in
dormitories, food, care, clothing and trade-school education for young,
At Risk men and women.

If you are serious about wanting to do something about the welfare of
our At Risk children, please fill out the attached enrollment form, and
you will have taken that all important first step in helping to save an At
Risk child, so we encourage you to be one of the first churches or
organizations to participate in your State, and set an example for the others.
We’re sure you’ve noticed how drugs, gangs, and crime among our
inner city youth has increased over the years, and an overall decreased
standard of living have caused schools and parents to reexamine their
day to day operations and decisions from a new state of awareness. Now
more than ever, we are realizing what is really important and are
actively searching for a set of solutions that succeed in reaching these
children. You’ve looked and looked for ways to help our youth, and
have probably explored numerous ways to increase your school’s ability
to better service the children of today...more teachers, Trade School
programs, more computers and field trips, better lunches...more
extracurricular activities....The list is endless.
However, in order to implement the majority of these worthwhile
endeavors, we must figure out ways to first save them from the violence
that many are forced to grow up in. State and Federal funding is
decreasing instead of increasing, and the majority of the programs
currently available don’t seem to have the answers. As the world
continues to evolve, so too must schools and our programs.
A mind shift approach is necessary. Obviously, if you are reading this
foreword, the time has come, and you’ve recognized there must be a
better way. Many schools have attempted to establish new systems, but,
frankly, most have lacked the right focus and goals to be really effective.

The Daurham Corporation is DIFFERENT. Daurham Corporation is
founded by a self-made millionaire from the beauty products industry
who has dedicated his life to giving back on a substantial level to do his
part in helping to make our world a better place. Daurham
Corporation’s goal is world prosperity, not individual owner-
prosperity...our goal is the survival of our At Risk children -because
they are our future--no matter what their community status or ranking
in the state tax rolls.
Now more than ever, schools are actively seeking out solutions that will
enable the time and effort spent now to be leveraged over a lifetime for
our children. The Save Our Sons Program is just such a solution.
Through Daurham Corporation’s Save Our Sons Program, you will see
immediate results: substantial increases in funding each and every
month, and an overall increase in our At Risk children’s ability to meet
the challenges of society.
Daurham Corporation has developed and refined our one-on-one Save
Our Sons Program to help schools, teachers, children, parents, and
communities. We are interested in an interpersonal relationship with
our youth and understand and share in their goals. In essence, our
youth achieving success in life becomes our mutual success.
Someone once said, “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the
lighting of a fire.” Daurham Corporation is truly dedicated to
providing the kindling for the fires necessary to assist and motivate our
children of today to become our inspired, talented and equally
motivated leaders of tomorrow.
May our Save Our Sons Program always be challenging, enlightened,
comforting and bright!

Sincerely, Ernest Daurham Jr.
President and CEO, Daurham Corporation


How The “Save Our Sons” Program Works
This Program is simple. We provide all the materials necessary for the
Program’s administration. All your Church or Organization need to do
is Identify the young men and women in your church, organization or
community who are at risk, and send their information to us; name,
address, phone number, email, and a brief history about the youth,
telling us why they qualify for our Save our Sons Program. They will be
contacted in the order that we received their information, the
seriousness of their living conditions and environment, and by the
commitment from the church or organization that’s sponsoring the
youth. You should also distribute information regarding the Program,
collect and forward the funds monthly to Daurham Corporation, and
then await delivery of the products from Daurham Corporation every
month. It’s as simple as 1-2-3!
1. Post a link on your website or distributes fliers and
Individual Order Forms regarding the “Save Our Sons”
program to your members.
2. Each member then uses the Individual Order Form to record
their monthly purchases, and will return the form and their
investment (Zelle, CashApp, money orders or checks made
payable to Daurham Corporation) to your Program Coordinator.
(We recommend that your church or organization appoint a
Program Coordinator as a liaison with Daurham
3. Quarterly reports will be sent to your organization, itemizing
the monthly purchases and corresponding donations to
“Save Our Sons”.

Here’s an Example: If you have 500 participating people in your
church or organization who purchase at least one bottle of our 16oz
Salon Quality Hair Care Products each month for $30.00 per bottle,
Daurham Corporation will donate 50%, or $7,500.00 for that month,
totaling $90,000.00 for the entire year of all sales (minus the shipping
charges), to provide housing in dormitories, food, care, clothing and
trade-school education for young, At Risk men and women.
Due to Daurham Corporation’s willingness to donate 50% of the sales
proceeds to the “Save Our Sons” Organization, this Program is very
lucrative for organizations that have members that are concerned about
our inner city youth. Even without 100% participation, it’s a win-win
situation for at risk youth, your members, and Daurham Corporation.
Daurham Corporation has manufactured fine quality hair care
products for the past 39 years. We are one of the leaders in the hair care
industry, and can provide your Church or Organization with a way to
get involved with the problems that face our youth, and with reputable
products as well.

Remember, when your members purchase their quality hair care
products through this Program, they’re not spending any extra money
(our products are offered at the average retail price), they’re just
redirecting the money they would normally spend on hair care products
anyway. The beauty of it is that this Program allows 50% of that same
money to provide care for At Risk, underprivileged children.
Your Church or Organization cannot lose with Daurham Corporation’s
“Save Our Sons” Program!

Benefits of Participating in the Program
More Funding:
This Program can help provide the funds to improve the quality of life
for our At Risk Youth. Just
think...these extra funds would be
used to hire trade school
instructors, tutors, mentors,
purchase more computers, books,
food, clothing, and house these
children for the duration of the

Decreased Staff Turn over:
To adequately compensate our staff members for their loving service to
the children. As a result, many
programs lose excellent and truly
devoted staff members to higher
paying jobs or other professions.
The extra funding provided by this
Program will enable us to increase
staff salaries or fund incentive
plans, awards, etc, all of which can
help us keep our staff members and attract more.

Higher than Average Participation Rate:
The beauty of this Program is that it markets an everyday necessity that
families need for the care of their hair, products, not luxury items with a
low overall participation rate.

Simple Record Keeping:
Daurham Corporation will provide you with all of the forms necessary

for the effective marketing and
administration of this Program, i.e. flyers,
order forms, etc.. Also, we’ll send you
quarterly reports detailing total monthly
purchases and corresponding donation
payments to the “Save Our Sons”
Organization. We’ve found that keeping
your members informed on just how
much their purchases are benefiting our
At Risk youth greatly increases
participation levels.

Extra Benefits for our Communities:
Participating members will see a decrease in crime in the areas where
these children are enrolled.
When a child enrolls at our
Trade School Program, there
is a decrease in gang activity,
drug use, and other things
that inner city children are
victims of. This Program will
not only provide your
members with great hair care
products, but will also help
increase the standard of
living in the communities that
these children came from.

Daurham Corporation’s Pledge:
I promise to contribute to the world. Despite any
circumstances that appear to govern my life, I am dedicated to
sharing with the world all that is God’s gift to us. So today, I
choose to take steps towards the goal of increasing love, joy,
and prosperity across the World. I will be a doer, following up
my dreams with action...knowing that each individual step is
an all important and necessary one in making the world a
better place. I will be a positive force in creating Heaven on
earth and will start today, not tomorrow.

Enroll today by completing the enclosed Enrollment Form and
emailing it to